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Resta Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has established since year 2001, with more than 15 years experience in footwear trading as one of the footwear wholesalers in Malaysia. We always adhere strongly to our vision, mission and goals in achieving service, customer relationship and corporate social responsibility.


Few years ago, we have started expanding our business from footwear wholesale to e-commerce and hypermarkets’ counters. Since our inception, we are dedicated to grow further and establish our own brand ABARO well. ABARO mainly focuses on school shoes with lifestyle concepts concerning fashion, colours and students’ need. Besides school shoes, ABARO also covers canvas shoes, sports shoes and different types of slippers in order to fulfil various festive and leisure needs. We provide better options for various parties to obtain their ideal footwear in different occasions.


To create an unique school shoes brand identity, we cultivate joyful spirit in students’ studies by emphasizing on their needs that quest for unique style nowadays. In enhancing our brand value, we always insist on our priority by progressively improving our product quality with reasonable price. Today, we have more than 850 distributors in city, sub-urban and rural areas in Malaysia.


In addition to the core brand ABARO, we establish another brand VION that focuses on Malaysian women. With wide range of choices, comfortable design and reasonable price, VION is catering to the need of multifaceted women in today's lifestyle.


We uphold onto the belief that our accomplishment does not solely rely on us but being supported by various parties. Therefore, we contribute what we can do back for the society in humanity and charity. In recent years, we have donated our school shoes to oversea countries such as Laos to help those needy people. We also involved in assisting all forms of companies include public listed companies in achieving their CSR objective too.


Our vision is to become a national and global uniform footwear wholesaler that is recognized for integrity, sincerity, productivity, charity and service excellence, contributing back to the society. We aim to provide our customers a straight-forward and uncomplicated approach to achieve their social mission as well. Your greatest satisfaction is always our pleasure.

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